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What is the Secondary Forum?

The Secondary Forum is made up of:

  • Local and inner-London state secondary schools (teachers and pupils)
  • Local and City based businesses and organisations
  • Specialist groups providing resources and training
  • Representatives from across Reed's School

The Forum aims to:

  • Raise aspirations and performance levels of pupils growing up in the most deprived areas with a particular focus on Science , Mathematics and Design - areas where there are  national skills shortages.
  • Support a network that will deliver opportunities to disadvantaged pupils from very low income families.
  • Transform communities through developing  a model of best practice (in community outreach).

We have a specific aim to become a centre for Design, Mathematics, Science and IT with the intention of:

  • Making these subjects central to the development of numbers of students creating young minds that will pursue careers in related fields.
  • Providing a series of enrichment experiences in these disciplines for secondary schools.
  • Encouraging a cross-curricular education through the use of our new Design and Technology Building.

These aims and objectives will be delivered through:

  • Enrichment activities led by Reed’s School in Science and particularly Physics and other STEM activities (there are plans for further activities).
  • Bursary and Scholarship Awards.
  • Providing facilities and resources through partner organisations and  through Reed’s School to meet the needs of the programme.
  • Focusing the programme  initially  in Inner London and Surrey.

It is hoped that the pupils will develop some, if not all, of the following skills via the programmes offered within the Forum:

Practical Skills

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Physical

Personal Skills

  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Learn to apply theoretical knowledge to realistic problem solving
  • Become  creative thinkers 
  • Improve their general engagement

Resources and funding:

  • All schools are expected to contribute where they can.
  • As a Forum it is hoped that resources, funding and facilities will become available through third party organisations.

Organisation of the Secondary Forum:

Development Support at Reed's School - Kathryn Bartram, (01932 869025)
Events Support - Ed Whiffin (01932 869089)

In association with Surrey University we are hoping to develop a cluster of secondary schools. We intend to follow a similar pattern to the infrastructure established with our Primary Forum.