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The case for supporting Reed’s School Primary and Secondary Forums

  • We aim to raise the aspirations of all children involved with the Reed’s School Primary and Secondary Forums, particularly those from deprived backgrounds by introducing them to new experiences, environments and opportunities.
  • The majority of the schools are situated in deprived areas and it is this link that is consistent with our ethos as a charitable foundation supporting disadvantaged children.
  • Through these Forums and just a single activity, up to 4,800 children could benefit each year. We aim to run a number of activities targeted at various age groups.
  • Through the Secondary Forum our cluster of schools will benefit from the opportunity to attend courses, assistance with the development of teaching skills and the provision of resources.
  • All partner schools will have the opportunity to recommend children for means tested bursaries and scholarships - aimed at those whose home situation is so difficult that a nurturing boarding education will allow them the stability and the happy childhood they deserve.

Background information on Reed’s School

Reed’s School is an Independent boarding and day school of around 600 boys from 11 to 18, with a co-educational Sixth Form. Founded in 1813, it still maintains the vision of its Founder, Andrew Reed, by supporting around 70 disadvantaged pupils at the School.

For more information visit:

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in sponsoring the Reed's School Primary & Secondary Forums either by co-sponsorship of Forum activities or by funding a named Bursary Award to support a child from one of our partner organisations through their education at Reed's School, please contact Kathryn Bartram (Development & Marketing Director) on 01932 869025 or

Do also contact us if you

  • have an interest in the Forums
  • are an organisation that would like to introdcue an idea or a new activity to the Forums
  • feel we can help you and your business/community ins some way
  • are a school that is interested in becoming a part of the Forums 

To get involved with the Reed's School Primary and Secondary Forums it is also possible to register online.


A Foundation Bursary Case Study:  Meet James

James was introduced to Reed’s School by the Honeypot Charity. James does not appreciate his own potential but this is a reflection upon the demands placed upon him at home. His parents separated and his Father has a schizo-effective disorder that results in unpredictable and disruptive mood swings. His Mother has abdominal TB and is unable to work, manage the home or take James to activities. There is much wasted potential. James loves Mathematics and Art, and is very keen on sport. He likes the idea of boarding.

Testimonial from recent Reed's School Bursary Foundationer:

“As a Foundation student, I am particularly grateful for every day I have been at Reed’s, and thus have taken hold of every opportunity that has come my way.  Indeed, the School allows opportunities for all, and it is inspirational to see how it still upholds Andrew Reed’s ideology.  The visionary said, in his final will, that he wanted Reed’s School to be  ‘open to all…without respect to sex, creed, place, or country’.  Without this vision, some of us would not be here today, and would not have had the experiences and learning that we now all have the chance to achieve."


Case for support and Sponsorship