Foundation Profiles

Daniel was 12 years old. His parents were separated and he has had no contact with his father. Daniel's Mum suffered with alcoholism for a long time and this had a huge impact on his life. After school, Daniel often returned home to find his Mum drunk. He tried to provide support and comfort to her whilst also trying to cook and do housework, but this often made him feel distressed. Sometimes when he returned home and found his Mum had been drinking he refused to go inside, and had to find somewhere else to go. This had a great impact on Daniel as he was unable to make friends locally and his life was dominated by trying to cope with the situation. We helped to give Daniel a life-changing opportunity to come to Reed's School to get the education he needed and the support to deal with his home life.

James was a recent applicant to Reed's School who also needed external support. He was a victim of domestic violence with a Mother who was a drug addict. James had few friends and was being looked after by his Grandparents, one of whom was terminally ill. He is an intelligent boy and deserved the opportunity to come to Reed's School where he has been able to succeed academically and has been given the emotional support he needed.

* These are not the boys' real names

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“A good education is a fortune a child can never spend”

Andrew Reed