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Below are a few testimonials from Governors, Staff and Pupils who have shared in an element of the work of the Reed's School Primary Forum.

"We have had so many great days at Reed’s School over the last several months with the staff loving their Tri- Golf Training and then their Primary Engineer. But as the Primary Forum Fun Olympiad Day demonstrated it is the kids who are benefiting most of all ... they loved it and the coaches from Ad Tennis, Chelsea Football Foundation, Surrey County Cricket Club and The Golf Foundation were outstanding. In several of these areas we have been able to bring the resources back to our own school to continue to encourage and inspire our pupils. Truly wonderful."
Sue Taylor Headteacher at the Links School

"What a fantastic day .... we want to develop more and more links with you."
A teacher at Tower Bridge School

 "We had a Governors' meeting last night and heard the excellent feedback on the Tri Golf Course."
A Chair of Governors

 "A belated thank you for last Thursday – it was a fantastic experience for all the children, they were buzzing on the way home and showing all the passengers on the train how their cars worked!'
Nicola Shattock of Surrey Square School

"My name is Cameron.  I am one of the Year 6 pupils who participated at the Sports Day at your wonderful sports facility. Thank you for being so kind to our school by cooking cleaning, and letting us kids have fun by doing our sports. The chefs were outstanding and we had such lovely food ( I wish we had your school meals)." 
Cameron is a pupil who has attended Primary Forum enrichment activities

...Also thank you to Reed’s School and The Peter Cruddas Foundation for providing us with such wonderful trophies for our sports day. We would all like to say thank your for inviting us to your school .... we had a blast. We loved the tennis and the swimming... we had a blast ... a wonderful day and I am sad it will be my last visit to Reed’s School Sincerely Dion"
Dion is a pupil who has attended Primary Forum enrichment activities