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Welcome to Reed’s School Primary and Secondary Forums

The overall aim of the Reed’s School Primary and Secondary Forums is to breakdown self-defeating barriers between:

  • state and independent education

  • enterprise and education

  • disadvantage and advantage

Reed’s School has created a network that delivers opportunities to over 5000 disadvantaged pupils from low income families. This project is being delivered through a host of academic, sporting and creative enrichment activities and through bursary and scholarship funding. The aim is to raise aspirations and improve the performance of young people facing hardship.

Kathryn Bartram, Development Director, Reed's School

“The Forums enrich the lives of young people, their families and their communities through offering students, parents, teachers and schools in deprived areas opportunities that they would not otherwise have.”

Headmaster, Reed’s School

“This is such a wonderful opportunity for us all to share good practice in our state schools, and through the leadership of Reed’s School develop a programme of enrichment activities that will raise aspirations and improve the skills of our own pupils. In addition there is the chance that some will benefit from the opportunity of a Reed's School Foundation bursary award.”

Liz Robinson, Headteacher,  Surrey Square Junior School and Chair of the Primary Forum

A good education is a fortune a child can never spend

Andrew Reed
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